Germany’s oldest turntable manufacturer.

Germany’s oldest turntable manufacturer Transrotor, produces exemplary high performance turntables for visual beauty, precision and value. In 1976, Transrotor AC, the original form of the acrylic glass plate player was created and it had a lasting impact on the entire turntable world.

Ten years later, the legendary Transrotor Classic and the Transrotor Quintessence followed with the three star-shaped drive motors. At the turn of the millennium, the Transrotor Gravità set new standards with its gimbal-mounted suspension. The Transrotor Artus confirms the consequence of our further development with its ingenious magnetic drive.

The harmony of the exterior in material and workmanship continues inside every product Transrotor makes. What you see and feel corresponds to what you hear: in a light and airy way, Transrotor turntables reproduce all the information stored in your analog records.




Transrotor Max Turntable (Available)

The Transrotor Max is a scaled-down version of the company’s popular and highly acclaimed Fat Bob. The new model features an isolated motor and outboard motor controller, and can even accommodate two tonearms. Turntable comes with a Polished Aluminium, adjustable tone arm base. Platter weighs 7kg . Includes the Konstant Eins power supply and platter weight.






Zet 3




“With the Max, Transrotor has created a nice addition to the lower regions of its own price list. The record player is - just like almost all players of the brand that I have ever encountered - extremely beautiful finish and exudes luxury.The option to process the motor in the player itself can bring an additional optical advantage, the player is easy to adjust and adjust and the TR-800-S arm is pleasant to use. A tip for those who want to do longer with the same string, turn the platform by hand and then switch on the motor, which prevents unnecessary stretching.”

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Fill your interior with the music and ambience you want, and give your movies the sound they deserve.


Where to buy Transrotor

Transrotor is available at:

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1 Coleman Street
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+65 6690 4178

Mon - Sat: 11am - 7pm
Sun & P.H: Closed

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