The Fundamentals of Sound.

THIXAR serves all truly knowledgeable aficionados of their art with the latest gel-based proprietary damping technology. THIXAR's gel based technology helps decoupling all components from the shelf beneath the equipment to reduce vibrations caused by low frequency waves to a minimum while dampening the inner vibrations of the component. 


Audiophile equipment platforms
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THIXAR Silence Plus is the top-of-the range product in our line of passive hifi equipment platforms. The all new gel technology support is being used in a revised form, allowing us to create an entirely new design. The upper support surface now rests completely on the gel without any impedi­ments. Preventing each and any vibration from reaching the parts that count.

Silence | Silence Plus

Hi Fi Racks

High-end hifi equipment tends to show a highly sensitive response to whatever it is standing on. Both solid-state and tube amps as well as analogue turntables can only reveal their full potential if are undisturbed by any vibration. Only then can you experience the sense of space, the dynamics and richness of detail in full audiophile splendour. That’s why we have developed the new “SMD Ambitious” rack system range. We focussed on isolating the surface on which the equipment stands from vibrations of the shelf beneath, in order to minimise the amount of external vibration affecting the equipment.


Different components give rise to different frequencies of vibration. Which is why we consciously refer to an oscillation damping system. The individual components of the Eliminator have been matched to one another in such a way that all the frequencies in question are considerably reduced.




"The next thing I tried was my tube preamplifier. Although less obvious than with the turntable, similar effects were clearly noticeable here, too. In this case, the Silence Plus was my favourite. In particular, the sense of restfulness that ensued was pleasantly relaxing and improved listening enjoyment. "

— HIFi Statement

"With the Silence Plus in place, the first impression you get is that the result is more tight, with a lower level of mechanical noise and a clear, better-defined stereo image. The differences may be small, nevertheless decisive - considering the overall quality level of the reference system, as its dynamic range seems to improve and the sound sources included in each recording gain a better feeling of space. "

— AV

"The various THIXAR stands all seem to have a very much similar effect to me, regardless of what differing pieces of hi-fi equipment are placed on top of them. This indicates how carefully they have been developed and that Mr Rüdell has a very clear idea of his objectives."

— HiFi Statement



Fill your interior with the music and ambience you want, and give your movies the sound they deserve.


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Thixar is available at:

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