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Roon transforms the experience of browsing music. Artist photos, credits, bios, reviews, lyrics, tour dates, and composers are located automatically, then interconnected by links to build a surfable, searchable digital magazine about your music collection.

And Roon finds all the same links between your personal files and the millions of tracks available on TIDAL, so you can start with the music you know, then explore and discover new music from the world beyond your collection.

Roon is a software application and a subscription is required.


Roon Products

Nucleus Plus



Roon is a music management and listening solution that takes a very different approach to interacting with your music. Instead of seeing a spreadsheet-like view of your music (as with iTunes and almost all other media systems), Roon provides a very rich non-list based experience, using credits, artist relationships, genres, lyrics, concert/tour dates, artwork, and more to allow for an informative navigation and exploration of your library.






• manages digital music files collected on hard drives and networked storage. It can also watch your iTunes library, and optionally integrate with the music streaming service TIDAL.

• cleans up your music library, upgrades the metadata associated with your music, and provides a user interface that is far richer than anything else out there. Roon makes music exploration and discovery both informative and fun.

• provides no-compromise audio perfection. Bit-perfect playback of lossy and lossless file formats, including high-resolution audio content (PCM and DSD). Additional conveniences such as crossfading and volume normalization make it suitable for both concentrated listening sessions as well as social events.

• manages your audio renderers (the things that make sound). Whether they be built-in sound devices, like your laptop's audio output, a USB connected DAC, or even networked audio devices.

• is an application suite that must be installed. It is not a website. It runs on Macs, Windows PCs, and Tablets, Linux PCs, Android Tablets, Apple iPads, and iPhones. Support is provided on the Community Site, and membership details and configuration are provided on the Roon website.

• uses your music files, Internet Radio streams, and content from the TIDAL streaming music service, but doesn't come with any music.

The Roon software is constantly being improved and updates are always free of charge to licensed users.



Nucleus is the center of your Roon music system. It’s the housekeeper, the traffic cop, and the brain that takes care of the music in your life. Using Nucleus, Roon manages all your music – on hard drives, NAS, and streaming content – and allows you to play it on all the audio devices around your home. Nucleus is the best way to run Roon at any price.


The brain behind the entire Roon experience is the Roon Core. Every aspect of Nucleus — hardware, operating system, and software — was developed to provide a silent, high-performance, power-efficient Roon Core, by the same team that created Roon.


Nucleus is the easiest and fastest way to get your Roon system running. No computer or networking skills required. You just take it home, plug it in, and download Roon apps for your mobile devices and computers. Nucleus keeps itself current with automatic updates.


Nucleus has no fans, spinning disks, or moving parts of any kind, and its minimal operating system is tuned for delivering high-performance audio. Whether you put it in your listening room, on your desk, or in a rack, you can be confident you will be getting the best sound from any music server.

+ Specifications for Nucleus +

Dimensions: 212mm (W) x 156mm (D) x 74mm (H) 8.3” (W) x 6.1” (D) x 2.9” (H) 3.85kg gross weight (in retail package) 2.5kg net weight (product only)
Accessories: AC power supply (19V, 60W), IEC C5 power cable, Quick Start Guide
Input voltage: 12-19V DC
I/O ports: 2x USB 3.0 (can be used for hard drive and/or DAC), HDMI (stereo and multi-channel audio output), Gigabit Ethernet LAN
Internal drive: 2.5” SATA SSD or HDD up to 9.5mm drive height
Library capacity: Over 10,000 albums (100,000 tracks)
Multi-room streaming: Over 6 simultaneous zones
DSP capability: All DSP functions available.


The Roon Nucleus and Nucleus+ are top-tier digital music servers. They are competitively priced and they deliver above expectations in terms of sound and usability. Additionally, they are exceedingly easy to use. If you are in the market for a better Roon experience, this is the next most logical step beyond laptops and endpoints.

+ Review: by STEREOPHILE

For those who, like me, don't want to go the hair-shirt, DIY route to networked audio, the fit'n'forget functionality and routinely excellent sound quality of Roon Labs' Nucleus+ through both of the DACs I used it with make it an easy recommendation. It's not going back!

+ Review: by HIFI+

The Nucleus is easily recommendable as it’s small, easy to accommodate and simply allows the software to work at its optimum. Your personal library just keeps growing and growing and it is just too easy to lose yourself for hours while listening to music you have never heard before. This just has to be one of the main reasons for owning a decent system.

+ Review: by DARKO.AUDIO

With a little over 90,000 files on my G-Technology drive, the Nucleus+ was very responsive when controlled by my iPad Pro. The overall sound of the Nucleus+ server was outstanding with no drop-outs or other system hang-ups. I tried several DSP features including upsampling everything to DSD256 using the Playback Designs MPD-8 Dream DAC. Again, performance was exemplary with no extraneous noises or noticeable sonic errors.

+ Review: by HIFI PIG

The Nucleus+ provides an elegant, unparalleled plug and play one-box solution to digital library management, digital signal processing, and multi-room capability. I didn’t particularly feel that I needed a Nucleus in my life before I carried out this review but now I don’t want to live without one so I’ve put my money where my mouth is and the Nucleus+ is now a permanent part of my set up. And that’s the best recommendation I can give it, there was no going back.


Where to buy Roon Nucleus +

Roon Nucleus + is available at:


Absolute Sound SSC

190 Clemenceau Ave
Singapore Shopping Centre, #04-24
+65 6339 0330

Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm
Sat: 11am - 5pm
Sun & P.H: Closed

Nearest Station: Dhoby Ghaut MRT
Parking: Available