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This installation combines a modern interior with a hidden state-of-the-art Focal custom-install Home Theatre system. In the main living-room is a full Dolby Atmos system with the Focal Electra 1002Be In-Wall series front speakers hidden behind the feature wall and eight Focal IC 1002 In-Ceiling speakers on the surround and ATMOS duties and a SUB 1000F hidden in the integrated console to provide sub bass when it's needed.

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By the porch, we've setup a separate zone with a pair of Focal Dome Flax satellite speakers so that the customer and their guests can enjoy streaming music as they relax in the evening.

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In addition to the living room, we've also installed a Naim Audio Muso wireless music system in the study so that our customer can enjoy his music as he gets his work done in the evenings and as you can see, it fits in nicely with the interior.

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With the exception of the Focal Dome Flax satellites and Naim Muso, this entire setup is "hidden" and yet provides lush, detailed audio with ease.

If you're interested in this type of setup, contact us to find out more, or schedule an appointment with our in-house Home Theatre Specialist.

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