Physics, not Voodoo.

A pure sound, a sharp picture and an exclusive feeling of luxury. This is what In-Akustik is all about – quite simply the utmost quality for your eyes, your ears and all your senses. Since 1977,  they have been dedicated to perfection – in audio, video, music and media, and exclusive design. 

In-Akustiks manufacture their speaker cables in Germany. Home hi-fi and video cables in the Reference and Excellence quality classes are manufactured by in-house production plants at company headquarters in Ballrechten-Dottingen.


inakustik Products

Audio Cable
Digital Coaxial
Digital Optical
Speaker Cable
Phono Cable





In-Akustik is the pioneer in perfect signal transmission, helping to convey the finest nuances that appeal to all senses. They put passion, ambition and love into the development and production of cables, which are known throughout the world for outstanding quality. The ultimate proof for this is Reference Selection.



The benchmark for picture and sound.



For the lovers of perfect picture and sound experiences.



Picture and sound for advanced users. 






"My new Inakustik cables remind me of a Seinfeld episode. The one where Jerry buys an economy class ticket for a flight but insinuates himself in a first-class seat. And since my acquisition of Inakustik speaker, interconnect, tone arm cables and cable risers, I can’t and won’t go back to any of my previous cables."


"The cables give you what they receive at their own connection sockets, but in a crystal-clear, “airy” and breathtakingly open quality that’s hard to top."

— Fidelity International


Fill your interior with the music and ambience you want, and give your movies the sound they deserve.


Where to buy Inakustik

Inakustik is available at:

Absolute Sound Adelphi
(Home Stereo)

1 Coleman Street
The Adelphi, #03-37/38
+65 6690 4178

Mon - Sat: 11am - 7pm
Sun & P.H: Closed

Nearest Station: Cityhall MRT
Parking: Available