Home Demo Programme

With our Home Demo Programme, now you can enjoy listening experience at the comfort of your own home. We introduced this programme to bring your music closer to you, by helping you to decide which speaker system is the best fit for your home and space. Give your dream speakers a test drive before sealing the deal.



Selected Speakers Eligible for Home Demo






Please note that speakers and colour variants are subject to availability. Our audio specialist will be on site to guide you on how to use the speakers. An evening visit can be arranged upon request. 

Home demo is available at a fee and only available for selected speaker models. Should you decide to proceed and purchase the product, the home demo fee will be waived off and used to offset the any outstanding amount from your purchase. Kindly note that fees are applicable to existing and non-existing customers. 


Home Demo Request

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Terms & Conditions

  • Approval of home trial application is at sole discretion of Absolute Sound Distribution. 
  • Absolute Sound Distribution will conduct home assessment at customer's premise before approving home trial application.
  • Customer must not remove equipment from the facility where they were originally installed unless Absolute Sound Distribution’s prior written consent is obtained.
  • It is being agreed that the Customer shall be responsible for any damages occurred while in the customer or carrier’s possession except for ordinary wear and tear.
  • Customer to assume all risks including loss or damage to the equipment upon delivery.
  • Customer to insure against loss of or damage to the equipment based on the list price value for the term of this agreement.
  • That the equipment is the sole property of Absolute Sound Distribution throughout the term of this Agreement. The customer shall have no rights, title or interest therein.
  • Not to transfer, sell, assign, sublicense, pledge, or otherwise dispose of, encumber or suffer a lien or encumbrance upon or against any interest in these equipment without Absolute Sound Distribution’s prior written consent.
  • Customer's duty to return the equipment to Absolute Sound Distribution in good condition on or before the specified Return Date of Agreement expires.
  • That failure to return the equipment to Absolute Sound Distribution upon the expiry of the loan period/reminder, Absolute Sound Distribution shall follow-up and issue a sales invoice to customer for purchase of the equipment in concern as per value indicated.
  • Absolute Sound Distribution reserves the final right in any event of dispute.