Create your own musical space.

Customisable, upgradeable, tailored to your listening preference and space. The Stereo System offers you flexibility in building a system that offers you incredible personalisation to your sound and interaction with your music. If your ears are itching for better sound, the Stereo System gives you the option of an upgrade path.


Stereo Systems

The Stereo System

The Stereo system (also referred as a Hifi System) is a 2 channel audio system that has a left speaker and right speaker. When played, the music comes together nicely in the centre to form a soundstage. As music is originally recorded in stereo format, the stereo sound system is designed to articulate your music recordings in great definition and clarity when played. The Stereo System is extremely personal, and uniquely matched for different individuals with varied musical taste. 


Anatomy of The Stereo System

The Stereo System, Simplified. 

The Stereo System is made of 3 main building blocks - Source, Amplifier and Speakers. 

Tailored to Your Taste

Build Your Own Personal Music System

Make Your Selection


Select from our range of source components, amplifier and speakers.

Audition The Setup


Audio quality and preference is highly personal. Test the setup with your favourite songs and judge if you like what you hear.

Add, Remove or Change Up


If you have not found something that is suitable, consult our Specialists to advise on how we can help you achieve the sound quality you require.


Home Stereo Setup


Suggested Packages

Let us help you get started with these pre-packaged bundles 


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