The joy of the highest levels of musical elation.

From analog discs to analog tapes, CDs to Super Audio CDs, videotape to DVDs, there were several transitions and technical innovations in auditory and visual media. Esoteric, which was born in the midst of such transition, pursue a unique path as a high-end audio-video brand, focusing on components of higher value and adding amplifiers into their product line. 


Esoteric Products

Audio Players
Network Audio Players
Master Clocks




Super Audio CD/ CD Players

esoteric k-01x

Super Audio CD/ CD Transport

esoteric p-05x

D/A Converter

esoteric d-02

Network Audio Player

esoteric n05

Amplifier/Phonostage Preamplifier

esoteric f03a

Master Clock Generator

esoteric g01


"It took just five seconds of Beethoven’s beautiful Moonlight Sonata for the Esoteric K-05 to show that it’s a brilliant disc player."

— What Hi Fi

"The K-07X is a perfect fusion of ravishing industrial design and extraordinary engineering that resulted, for me, in amazing listening experiences."

— Soundstage

"With the N-05, Esoteric’s first entry into the network audio player market is a winner."

— The Absolute Sound







Fill your interior with the music and ambience you want, and give your movies the sound they deserve.


Where to buy Esoteric

Esoteric is available at:

Absolute Sound Adelphi
1 Coleman Street,
The Adelphi, #03-37/38
+65 6690 4178