The Joy of the Highest Levels of Musical Elation.

"The joy of the highest levels of musical elation." Our corporate philosophy as our foundation has been embodied through providing superb audio and video products for over 21 years.

From analog discs to analog tapes, CDs to Super Audio CDs, videotape to DVDs, there were several transitions and technical innovations in auditory and visual media. ESOTERIC, which was born in the midst of such transition, shall pursue a unique path as a high-end audio-video brand, focusing on components of higher value and adding amplifiers into our product line. This evolution allows us to merge both high recording and replay technologies, based on our own technical innovation and proprietary technologies.

Despite changing times and whirlwind markets, there remain musical and visual connoisseurs who are seeking true excitement. As long as there are such people we shall with great care develop and actively release new products, that improve upon the "state of the art," within each business category that we pursue. This is our mission.

Proudly made in Tokyo


Esoteric Products

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Integrated Amplifiers



Audio Players

K-Series: Grandioso K1, K-01Xs, K-03Xs, K-05Xs, K-07X

In picture: K-01Xs Super Audio CD/CD Player

8 years after the release of the K-01, the ultimate in integrated digital players, comes the birth of the K-01Xs, a condensed version of Esoteric's flagship Grandioso model. The K-01Xs features the K series’ classic construction with a high-rigidity chassis and a total of four power transformers in the power section, along with the high-precision VRDS-NEO [VMK-3.5-20S] turntable system used in the Grandioso P1 and K1 and a pair of differential 8-circuit/channel monaural DACs following the latest DAC platform developed for the K1. Its extensive specifications are the gold standard in digital players, including the latest DAC (IC AK4497), a 35-bit D/A processing algorithm developed with Esoteric's patented proprietary technology, an HCLD buffer amplifier, DSD-compatible USB and a large custom low phase noise clock.


Integrated Amplifiers

F-Series: Grandioso F1, F-03A, F-05, F-07

In picture: F-03A Integrated Amplifier

Setting out to create one of the most desirable integrated amplifiers available,
Esoteric brought together a fully balanced preamplifier and a Class-A power amplifier-both directly derived from its well-respected Grandioso line-to created a new reference for integrated amplifiers that gives full expression to the smooth, full-bodied tones and delicately shaded textures of your favorite music. Featuring distinctive dual monaural construction that extends through all stages, from preamplifier inputs through to the final stage of its power amplifier output, the F-03A Integrated Amplifier brings out the full audio potential of Esoteric's highly regarded K and N Series of digital players.

N-01 image 2_dl_1280.jpg

Network Audio Players

N-Series: N-01, N-03T, N-05

In picture: N-01 Network Audio Player

The N-01 is Esoteric's flagship network audio player, newly developed with a premium DAC module designed for use with Grandioso K1 SACD player. The DAC chipset is equipped with the AK4497 and the DAC module features a luxurious differential 8-circuit independent power regulator design for each channel that is unique to the K1/N-01 models.

Additionally, the highly acclaimed four independent power supply construction of the K series Super Audio CD players, superb component selection and design concepts are incorporated as standard in the N-01.
We have poured more than 30-years' worth of digital player development know-how into every detail of the N-01, incorporating "ES-LINK Analog" transmission method, 35-bit D/A processing algorithm, and HCLD buffer amplifier equipped with 125,000μF super capacitors.

This combination of our prestigious audio circuitry, highly advanced network audio module and playback applications create a cutting-edge device that is incredibly easy to use, generating an entirely new standard for network playback.

P-02X,D-02X_main unit_image photo_dl_1280.jpg

SACD Transport & DAC

P/D series: Grandioso P1/D1, P-02X/D-02X, P-05X/D-05X

In picture: P-02X and D-02X

Esoteric's digital players carry on an established lineage of high-end audio, compressing world-leading Grandioso technology into a two-chassis configuration that establishes an unshakable identity.

In 1987, the P-1/D-1 demonstrated the superiority of VRDS at the dawn of the CD revolution. Over the years the P-1/D-1 evolved, introduced support for SACD and DSD DAC, won numerous awards for the pairs rich musical expression.
Now, the P-02X/D-02X reestablishes the supremacy of the two-chassis digital player configuration.

Joining together ultimate engineering with the exacting craftsmanship of
Esoteric's Tokyo factory, and incorporating the finest Grandioso P1/D1 technology, this new premium product line gives birth to even greater heights of musical expression.




"It took just five seconds of Beethoven’s beautiful Moonlight Sonata for the Esoteric K-05 to show that it’s a brilliant disc player."

— What Hi Fi

"The K-07X is a perfect fusion of ravishing industrial design and extraordinary engineering that resulted, for me, in amazing listening experiences."

— Soundstage

"With the N-05, Esoteric’s first entry into the network audio player market is a winner."

— The Absolute Sound







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