Revolutionary HD Hi-Fi

Focusing on musicality and versatility, Cocktail Audio brings you closer to your music without compromising on sound quality. With a vast range of products equipped with current features such as streaming, CD ripping and DAC, you can be sure that whatever your current system is, Cocktail Audio is able to integrate itself seamlessly.


Cocktail Audio Products

All in one system with features:
CD Ripping
Music Server
Network Streamer
Built in Amplifier






● HD HiFi All-In-One system with small form factor
● Built in 60Watts Class D amplifier & DAC, 4.3" TFT LCD, Supports TIDAL, Deezer, Spotify Connect & more


● Revolutionary HiFi All-In-One system
● 100Watts Class D amplifier built-in, DAC built-in
● 5" TFT LCD, Recording with max 192Khz sampling rate


● Most Advanced Hi-Res All-In-One HiFi system
● 200W Class D amplifier built-in, DAC built-in
● 7" TFT LCD, DSD is supported



● A world-Class Hi-Res Music Player, DAC, Streamer, 
   Server and more
● ES9018K2M Sabre³² Reference DAC built-in
● 5" TFT LCD on the front,  Native DSD file direct playback, Phono Input for turntable


● Hi-Res Pure Digital Music Server & Player for audiophiles
● High quality USB Audio Class 2.0 Output
● I²S Out x 2(HDMI, RJ45)
● Full aluminum chassis with CNC cutting


● HiFi Network node for your existing DAC or Amplifier
● High performance USB DAC
● 2.5" HDD or SSD storage deck ready
● Native DSD file playback
● 'Roon Ready' is supported



"The sheer versatility of the X30 is impressive and clearly its biggest attraction."

— What Hi Fi

"With the right speakers, the addition of X12 should result in a satisfying music system."

— Soundstage

"I would be surprised if there is anything out there that offers everything that the X30 does in one box at a better price."

— The Ear



Fill your interior with the music and ambience you want, and give your movies the sound they deserve.


Where To buy Cocktail Audio

Cocktail Audio is available at:

Audio Bar By Absolute Sound
1 Coleman Street
The Adelphi, #03-45
+65 6337 0636

Audio Bar Online

Retrophonic Records
34 Craig Road,
Chinatown Plaza, #02-08
+65 6220 8489

Retrophonic Online