Focal Utopia Headphones: Singapore Enjoys A New Price


Are you in the market for some new headphones? Perhaps you’ve been scouring an audiophile forum or some headfi buying guide to find the perfect match for that luxury headphone amplifier you just bought. Maybe you’ve even seen the Focal Utopia Headphones at the top of every “Best Over Ear Headphones”-list and decided to finally step up to premium high-resolution earphones for a better audio experience. We’ve got some interesting news for you that may just save you some money on your next Focal Utopia Headphone purchase and score you a freebie when you purchase your Focal Utopia Headphones from your local authorised dealer! Not convinced that the Focal Utopia headphones are for you? We also shed some light on the awards it has won as well as the technology that Focal have employed to give you an incredible listening experience every time you put them on.

The Focal Utopia Gets A Price Revision & A Freebie

First thing you may want to know is that as of the beginning of this month, the Focal Utopia headphones have had a price reduction from the usual retail price of S$5699 to S$5199 and now come with a Focal Carry Case worth S$179. This new pricing makes the Focal Utopia headphones much more accessible to fans of the brand who previously felt the S$5699 price was out of reach and makes it approximately S$690 cheaper than what you would normally pay on Amazon (at least as of 12/03/2019). In addition to the price revision, all Focal Utopia headphone purchases from local authorised dealers will include a Focal Carry Case so you can protect your investment whenever you decide to bring it around.


Awards & Praise

Since their release, the Focal Utopia headphones have been winning awards and praise from tech reviewers and headphone enthusiasts alike. Ranging from well known audiophile sources like and What Hi-Fi to more general consumer friendly sources like GQ Magazine and Forbes.


"Focal has aimed for the moon when it comes to performance, directing its flagship offering straight at the very best the headphone establishment can manage. It has succeeded."-What Hi-Fi

+ Innerfidelity

“The Elear and Utopia are simply extraordinary. The sense of dynamism, tonal balance, and smooth clarity of both are, to put it mildly, disorientingly disruptive to my sense of where headphones are at today and in what way and by how much these are better.” -Innerfidelity

+ GQ Magazine

"A few weeks ago, we got a chance to try the Utopias on, and the clarity, sound stage (more on that in a bit), and comfort made us never want to listen to music on anything else again." -GQ Magazine

+ The Verge

"The day I have to return these headphones will be happy, for I’ll no longer have to guard them with my life, but also super sad because I’ll be letting go of a truly unique way of experiencing my music." -The Verge

+ Forbes

"Focal has produced a pair of headphones that can give even more expensive models a run for their money. The astonishing thing is they’ve managed to do it with single drivers and they’re manufactured to a very high standard."-Forbes

Focal has aimed for the moon when it comes to performance, directing its flagship offering straight at the very best the headphone establishment can manage. It has succeeded
— What Hi Fi

The Technology Behind Utopia

When it came to designing their flagship headphones, Focal's aim was to create a listening experience that would closely reflect their heritage as a high-end speaker and speaker driver manufacturer. One of the unique innovations developed specifically for the Focal Utopia headphones was that they are the world's first audiophile headphones to be equipped with open-backed full-range speaker drivers made of pure Beryllium, the 'M'-shaped domes. Focal also developed a new patent pending monolayer voice coil in order to achieve the goal of having excellent mechanical coupling to the dome. These newly developed drivers were used in conjunction with the open-back design to simulate the remarkably realistic sensation that you're listening to a pair of finely tuned speakers in a room.

In addition to the development of the drivers, Focal's engineers and designers also paid attention to how comfortable their flagship headphones would feel when wearing them for long periods of time. To account for this, they paid close attention to the Utopia's headband and designed it to have a constant bend which would allow for even weight distribution across the user's head. In addition, a carbon-fibre yoke was used for its durability and to reduce the overall weight even further. Wrapped in true lambskin leather, the headband and high-density memory foam cushions add additional comfort and add an extra touch of luxury to the listening experience.

Utopia_Coussinet_Cushion (1).jpg

Reaching Utopia

The Focal Utopia headphones are considered to be some of the best when it comes to high-end headphones as a result of Focal’s dedication to cutting-edge technology and purposeful design. With all the awards and positive reviews, the Utopia headphones consistently make it to the top of the list and with a new price revision and free carry case, perhaps it’s time to give them another audition at your nearest Focal authorised dealer.