Naim Audio Firmware Update v4.6

New Multi-Room Streaming Update V4.6



In this new update to the Naim streaming product range, you can expect new multiroom compatibility between the Classic Uniti range, Network Players and Streaming preamplifiers with Naim Uniti Atom, Uniti Star and Uniti Nova. 

Additionally, Tidal streaming stability for all Naim streamers has been improved for a seamless streaming experience as well as a new soft mute function activating to avoid sharp transitions when music stops, as well as some bug fixes.

If you're using a NDS, NDX, ND5 XS, SuperUniti, NaimUniti, NaimUniti 2, UnitiLite, UnitiQute, UnitiQute 2, NAC-N 172 XS, NAC-N 272 with the 24bit/192khz chip, you are welcome to drop by our Naim showroom in Adelphi Mall #03-38 for a complimentary manual firmware update. 


Please note: the streaming product must already be on version 3.00 before updating. To find out what firmware you are running, you can checkout Naim’s handy How-To video