TEAC NR-7CD at Stereo Sound JP

Reiji Asakura (center left) surrounding the NR - 7 CD and Mr. Yuji Hideo (center right), President of Teac. In addition, a talk session was held by Mr. Tatsuya Wada (left) and Mr. Kenji Honda (right) of the actor who loves TEAC products

Reiji Asakura (center left) surrounding the NR - 7 CD and Mr. Yuji Hideo (center right), President of Teac. In addition, a talk session was held by Mr. Tatsuya Wada (left) and Mr. Kenji Honda (right) of the actor who loves TEAC products


TEAC held a new product presentation where they announced the new CD / network player integrated pre main amplifier "NR-7CD".

Mr. Yuji Yukio, President and Director of the company said, "TEAC is not a company that makes products that satisfy all 100 customers. Employees say that "Look carefully at the trees without looking at the forest" to focus on making things that focus on those who appreciates details. In the future, I would like to challenge the rebuilding of TEAC brand. "

Mr. Hiroshi Oshima, Consumer Audio Business Unit Chief of the company, pointed out that TEAC has an image of "an old brand for maniacs" and it poses a problem for TEAC. Mr. Katsuma Tani introduced " NEW VINTAGE "as a keyword of product development aiming at returning to the origin, where functions are tailored to the social needs while incorporating design at the same time. The word "VINTAGE" gives the idea of simple and superior design, the pursuit of Japanese manufacturing spirit, while "NEW" represents high resolution and correspondence to network audio. "By combining these, I wanted to propose a new music lifestyle." says Mr Tani

As a guest, Mr. Asakura familiar with Stereo Sound ONLINE and HiVi appeared. I gave a presentation entitled "Expecting Newborn Teac".

Mr. Asakura remembers that he used to love open reel tape decks such as "A - 2500" and "A - 4300" during his stint at a newspaper company.

TEAC was once the subject of admiration, and now it is made accessible to everyone, everywhere. It's subsidiary brand, Esoteric, handles high end audio and delivers great products, while Tascam boasts reliable technology and reliability.

In Europe and the United States, it introduces that Variie Integrated type Integrated Amp is popular, and if you are an audio fan, you will want to arrange products individually, but for music fans it is important that it is easy to enjoy good sounds with one button In conclusion, "I can enjoy listening to CDs on hand, enjoying high resolution and music distribution easily and high quality sound. This is the area to cultivate new users, so I greatly expect TEAC new products."


Let's introduce each model in detail about the integrated machine of a new era that can reproduce from CD to high resolution. This machine is a new concept to propose a new way of enjoying music while focusing on "good sound which is the basic of audio equipment", "good design, technology", "Japanese manufacturing, craftsmanship" NEW VINTAGE "has been developed as a keyword.

The network player section supports high resolution playback of up to DSD 5.6 MHz, linear PCM 192 kHz / 24 bit. Moreover, if you use the application for iOS / Android optimized for this machine, you can perform an intuitive and comfortable music selection operation.

In addition to playback via NAS and USB storage, it also supports Bluetooth. In addition to SBC / AAC / aptX, the codec also supports LDAC.

With its own "RDOT-NEO" circuit, all the sound sources are up-converted to the maximum DSD 12.2 MHz, linear PCM 384 kHz (in the case of a 48 kHz sound source), and the CD is supposed to interpolate to a smooth waveform close to analog and reproduce .

For CD drive, we adopted the proprietary audio exclusive use which is also used for commercial machines. It is a point not to be missed that it corresponds to music distribution service TIDAL and Qobuz which sings in high sound quality.

In the Integrated Amplifier section, a class D power amplifier "50 ASX 2" made by ICEpower is installed for each L / R in BTL configuration, achieving a maximum output of 140 W × 2 (4 Ω). It is said that it is aiming for a sound that can afford at high speed.

In addition, from the D / A converter to the preamplifier and the power amplifier, adopting a dual monaural circuit configuration in which the board of each L / R is arranged symmetrically. Improvement of channel separation was achieved by thoroughly reducing interference between L / R. In addition, by carrying out full balance transmission at all stages, it is difficult to be influenced by noise in the signal path, and it is said that it is acquiring expressive power of silence.

Note that this machine is a product of "Made in Tokyo" which consistently performs from soldering to assembly, by skilled craftworkers at its company in Ome-city, Tokyo.

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