Pro-tips On Determining A Well Balanced Sound System


How does a good system sound like or should sound like? In essence, a well matched system with proper setup should make you feel as if the artist is right in your room performing. This of course, is every audiophile's obsession and musical aspiration. The measurement of what is good sound or the "correct" sound often varies from individual to individual. Yet it can be distinctively distinguished by the keen ear between two similar system configurations. In this article we share some basic audio features you should be looking out when testing a system. 

1. A Central Sound Stage
Once your speakers are set up, sit in the middle at a comfortable distance from your speakers then play a song you are familiar with. The two speakers should cast a soundstage right in front of you with the artist's voice coming at you from the centre.

2. Timing
Timing is the ability to convey your music accurately by playing the right notes at the right time. A well balanced system can play your music with correct timing, not too fast not too slow. The concept of accurate timing is nothing new. In fact the true core which music is founded on is time signature- where beats and notes line up together in tandem creating a cohesive and accurate music representation. A good system will find you taping your foot or nodding your head to the beat of the tune.

3. Clarity and Separation
To tell the clarity of a system is not difficult to pick out. Each instrument should occupy its own space in the sound stage. You should be able to focus and differentiate each individual instrument in the song.  The main vocalist / instrument should come out noticeably clear and precise in-front of you against the other supporting instruments playing at the back of the soundstage.

We recommend Test Song : You And Me by Wynton Marsalis  

4. Fullness of Sound at Low Volume
A good sound system is able to iterate your music with clarity and fullness even at low volumes. You should be able to pick out the individual instruments and clarity easily. This often determines if the pairing amplifier is providing sufficient power to your speakers . Try switching up your amplifiers you will be able to tell the difference! 

5. Feeling Connected
The perceptive sound quality of the system is very personal to each individual. It is a personal purchase and should have the ability to engage and connect you to your music.  A good system will keep you glued on your seat for hours, drawing you into the heart of your music.

Our ears learn over time, don't fret if you cannot tell apart the quality of sound from different systems. Go with a system that your ears are comfortable with, and one within your budget.