Grandioso F1 Grandioso K1 - Stereo Sound Grand Prix 2017

Esoteric Grandioso F1

Esoteric Grandioso F1

Esoteric Grandioso K1

Esoteric Grandioso K1

We are honored to inform that 2 top of the line models by Esoteric, Grandioso K1 and Grandioso F1, won “Stereo Sound Grand Prix 2017” by Stereo Sound, one of the most highly acclaimed audio magazines in Japan.

Grandioso is Esoteric's flagship range and Grandioso F1 pre main amplifier and Grandioso K1 SACD player are the latest addition. 

Integrated amplifier that developed dedicated amplifying element

Grandioso F1 has MOS-FET "ESOTERIC MODEL 200" developed exclusively for the output stage. This MOS-FET is a device completed by collaboration with New Japan Radio, adopting Silicon Carbide (SIC) material, it is said to have been created over a development period of about two years. With an element that boasts a current permissible characteristic of a maximum of 150 A at a moment and a continuous 78 A, it has acquired excellent low-frequency driving capability and transient response, and it is said to have a powerful music reproduction and expressive power of an extended high region without accompanying sound. Besides this, it has the following features.

■ Full balanced preamplifier
■ Dual monaural construction from the pre part to the final step ■ Original
current transmission "ES-LINK Analog" equipment
■ ESOTERIC-QVCS volume control method adopted
■ Ultra low noise logic control
■ High accuracy ball bearing type control knob
■ Independent power supply Dual mono phono equalizer
■ Built-in high-definition headphone amplifier
■ 3 band tone control equipment
■ Large capacity custom power transformer
■ 3D optimized chassis structure
■ Option board slot that can add DAC board

ES-LINK Analog will be equipped for high quality signal transmission with the SACD player Grandioso K1.

SACD player with AKM 4497 n DAC device

Grandioso K1 follows the essence of the same series transport Grandioso P1, while the specifications of the disk drive mechanism and servo motors are common specifications, while digital-to-analog signal conversion is converted to Asahi Kasei Electronics Corporation 32bit premium DAC device AK4497 High end op amp New Japan Radio MUSES 03 is used in combination. In addition, the parallel differential circuit configuration of 8 differential circuits per channel is said to be aimed at linearity and low distortion. In addition, the power source of the DAC part is a right-and-left independent transformer, and by placing eight power regulators in the immediate vicinity of each circuit for each channel, it is said that it acquires a clean and high stability power supply capability. This machine also has the following features.

■ Adoption of 35 bit D / A processing algorithm
■ Adoption of current transmission enhanced output buffer ESOTERIC - HCLD
■ Original current transmission "ES - LINK Analog" equipment
■ PCM - DSD conversion function, up conversion function equipment
■ High sampling support digital input equipment
■ DSD 11.2 MHz, PCM 384 kHz / 32 bit Asynchronous transmission compatible USB equipment
■ VCXO high-performance clock installed
■ External high-precision clock available clock sink function

Grandioso F1 and Grandioso K1 are models that combine ideas of technologies that can be thought of contemporarily, and the know-how of Esoteric's accumulated audio is incorporated all over.

Main specifications of Grandioso F1
● Output: 30W + 30W (8Ω), 60W + 60W (4Ω)
● Gain: 24.5 dB (maximum) of preamplifier / 29 dB of power amplifier
● Speaker output terminal: 1 line
● Input terminal: ES- LINKAnalog (XLR) × 1 line, RCA × 3 line, PHONO (MM / MC switching) exclusive RCA × 1 line, XLR × 2 line
● Maximum external dimensions (including protrusions): W445 × H191 × D470 mm

Main specifications of Grandioso K1
● Playable discs: Super audio CD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW
● Analog audio output: XLR × 1 line (switching with ES-LINK Analog), 1 RCA ×
digital audio Output: RCA × 1, XLR × 1
● Digital input: optical digital × 1, RCA × 1, USB Type B × 1 (USB 2.0 compliant)
● Clock input: BNC × 1
● Maximum external dimensions (including protrusions) W445 × H 162 × D 448 mm

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