Bringing you closer to your music

Our vision is to deliver the musician’s intended listening experience to the comforts of your home, creating a truly enjoyable experience between you and your music.  


Simply enjoy the music, leave the technicalities to us


Dynamic Team of Specialists

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff members are well versed in technicalities and understand the intricacies of our products to be able to advise our customers in their respective set-ups.

People-first Approach

The service values of Absolute Sound is from a people-first approach. We attend to customers with dedication and a personal touch.

Authorised Distributor

We are the authorised distributor in Singapore for the brands we represent. You can be sure that the product you get is authentic, warrantied with support services readily available. 

Widest Range of Selections

Our curated selection of high precision audio offerings allow us to provide solutions to your listening preference, interior design and budget. From analogue audio systems to digital streamers, we have something for everyone. 


Music is Your Life, Give Life Back to Music.


Absolute Sound is helmed by Mr Benjamin Chia, musician and former music producer. A fervant believer that music is best enjoyed through a good system, Benjamin Chia hopes to make this experience a reality for every home and space. This transcends through every brand that Absolute Sound represents that which is the ability to give you a captivating and moving experience with your music or movie. Armed with a wealth of experience through countless experimentations with various systems, our team is equipped with the expertise to fill your space with good sound.