For more than 30 years, TEAC has developed products from the high-end audio professional in a major post-production studio to the novice or hobbyist at home. It’s a company committed to helping their customers translate their creativity into real life audio/video solutions.


TEAC is a company committed to innovation – both in research and development of technology and in the way consumers are served. Constantly creating new & versatile products that offer superior hi-fi playback for current & future technologies.

Innovation and cutting edge technology for the masses

TEAC‘s well-received Reference line of mini component systems, the Reference 501 comprises of four units, which has a retro look and solid build. Other statement products include the AI-501DA, a 90W per channel integrated stereo amplifier with built-in digital to analogue conversion; a standalone dual mono DAC with DSD compatibility, the UD-501; the PD-501HR, is a DSD-compatible CD player; and the HA-501, a dual-mono Class A headphone amplifier.

Featured Products

HA-P5 Hi Res Portable Headphone Amp/USB DAC


TN-300 Turntable


MC-D800 Turntable


PD-501HR DSD/PCM/CD Player