Neat Acoustics

Neat Acoustics


Neat Acoustics

For over twenty years, Neat loudspeakers have been hand crafted by a dedicated team based in Teesdale in the north of England. It is made up of a design team consisting of Bob Surgeoner and Paul Ryder who have long and varied experience of working in the music industry.


The designers of Neat loudspeakers are musicians with experience of playing live and in the studio. Therefore, the Neat design will let you forget about measurements and specifications and listen to the essence of music, the NEAT way.


Custom Driver Units

These drive units are exclusive to Neat Acoustics. They have repeatedly proved their worth in several award-winning Neat loudspeaker designs. These superb drive units represent years of development and they are a major factor in delivering the unique virtues which make up a Neat loudspeaker.

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