IsoAcoustics Inc. brings specialized line of speaker stand products to the audio professional, music hobbyist, audiophile and music lover.


The patented approach is based on years of experience in the design and construction of radio and television studios. The driving force is Dave Morrison, closely involved in planning and building radio and television studios at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for close to 20 years.

Enhancing Speaker Clarity

IsoAcoustics stands provide superior acoustic isolation and enhance the sound clarity of virtually all speakers and amplification systems, including monitors for the professional studio and sound reinforcement, home theatre systems, musical instrument amplifiers, subwoofers and large monitors. AlI IsoAcoustics stands are built with a unique, patented isolation technology that allows speakers to float in free space, resulting in authentic, clear uncolored sound.

Isoacoustics Calculator

Find the right IsoAcoustics stand to complement your speakers and studio monitors by make and model or by entering dimensions and weight. The calculator will recommend the appropriate IsoAcoustics model or a Modular Aluminum configuration for larger applications.

Featured Products

IsoAcoustics L8R130


IsoAcoustics L8R200


IsoAcoustics L8R200sub


IsoAcoustics GAIA



Will the rubberised base deteriorate over time(i.e. turn sticky) due to humid & hot climate ? Will they lose the "suction" effect overtime?

ANS : No, the rubber won’t deteriorate over time. It is a proprietary rubber and many of our customers have been using our products for years without any deterioration in performance.

Why are the GAIA series designed to be installed with the logo facing frontwards?

ANS: All of our products are designed to be used with the logo facing forward. The reason is that all of our products are designed to manage the movement of the speaker and keep that movement in alignment with the listening position. If you take one of the ISO-L8R or Aperta models and remove the top frame and look at the inside of the isolators you will see that it is not a round shape. It is more of an oval shape. It is the shape, thickness and hardness of the rubber that we tune to work with specific weight ranges of speakers so that they are properly able to react to the movement of the speaker. The same is true for the GAIA. There is the same top and bottom isolator with the connecting tube in between, all inside the housing. If the logo isn’t facing forward then the isolators are not facing forward and as a result the GAIA won’t react to the movement of the speaker in the same way.

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