FM Acoustics

FM Acoustics


FM Acoustics

FM ACOUSTICS (Switzerland) was founded in May 1973 by the young Manuel Huber. Specializing in R&D, acoustic and vibration analyses, FM ACOUSTICS has developed a number of specific technologies and unorthodox solutions that set world standards.


Crafted for real professionals and mature listeners who recognize a treasure when they hear one, FM ACOUSTICS’ products produces sounds of unique realism because “The Best who requires the Best”.

Uncompromising Standards

FM ACOUSTICS has quietly become a synonym for the absolute best. World renown artists, producers, engineers, studios, concert halls, collectors and private music enthusiasts are praising FM ACOUSTICS’ products as the ultimate reference for recording, monitoring, mastering and for music enjoyment at home.

Featured Products

FM122 MKII Phono Linearizers


FM 245 Line Stages


FM 411-MKII Power Amplifier


FM 711-MKII Power Amplifiers