For more than 25 years, Boulder amplifiers have been building high quality audio components in Boulder, Colorado U.S.A. With distribution in more than two dozen countries, Boulders are cherished by audiophiles all over the world.


All Boulders are made for the reproduction of music exactly as it was performed and recorded. Boulder electronics are transparent, accurate, fast, rugged, and reliable, with minimal distortion and noise. There is absolutely no coloration or “sound” of their own.

Ultimate Musical Perfection

Led by audio perfectionist Jeff Nelson, Boulder has expanded its product range and depth whilst maintaining the quality of its products. The company’s vision is uncomplicated. They simply want to make the best electronics possible and remain the sole guiding principle. Its 2000 Series remains a hallmark of excellence in high-performance audio, while the 1000 Series is an elegant statement to ability and simplicity. The 800 Series has expanded Boulder’s appeal to an entirely new audience.

Featured Products

2008 Phono Preamplifier


865 Integrated Amp


1021 Disc Player