Absolute Passion

Founded on the love of music, Absolute Sound is home to notable premium audio brands since 1992.

Dedicated to providing the best aural experience, we have a diverse selection of excellent audio offerings ranging from turntables to complete home entertainment systems.

Constantly inspired by music, our team are always pushing the boundaries to bring out the best of your favourite tunes.

Absolute Peace of Mind

Enjoy the music, and leave the technicalities to us.

With a team of experienced specialists, we are here to guide you through you musical journey.

With the ability to provide customised audio solutions befitting to your listening preference, interior design and budget, you can trust us as we help you discover the perfect system for your ears.

Absolute Enjoyment, all around

We pride ourselves in creating the optimal environment for your love of music to grow.

True satisfaction comes from knowing that we have changed your life through great sound.

You can trust us, we have your music at heart.